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My favorite pigeon.

In french ( coquillé Hollandais )

After a few months of search and discovery of the most known breeds, I have been attracted by this pigeon.

It is a very old race, probably coming from minor Asia. In the 18th century, it has been included by Buffon in his list of pure races.

We can also find it in 1896, among the allowed races at the 9° exhibition in Paris.

It is a pigeon of average size with an raised enough port and a robust aspect although elegant. Its body is of pure white. The colours are at the ends: the head, the flight feathers and the tail. Five colours only are recognized for these pigeons: Blue, Yellow, Black, Red and Brown.

I prefer the black colour with its green and lilac reflections on the head and the front of the neck.

I like black and white contrast plumage as well as the red of the legs, but obtaining beautiful subjects with a perfect distribution of colours is rather difficult.

It is a decorative pigeon that can be admired from far away in a garden.